photo_2015-04-04_18-52-15MENTOR’s RESPONSE TO THE LEISHMANIASIS EPIDEMIC IN SYRIA » The Syrian conflict and vast population displacement has significantly increased the vector-borne disease, leishmaniasis, within Syria. Poverty, malnutrition, displacement and a weakened health system are all risk factors for leishmaniasis. Find out what MENTOR is doing to control leishmaniasis here. 

Alb campaign Kwanza Sul1Angola Mass Drug Administration  » MENTOR, with the END FUND, is supporting the MoH in delivering deworming treatment to all school aged children in the province of Kwanza Sul, Angola. Training is also running to prepare for MDAs in Kuando Kubango and Huambo provinces. 

Zika » MENTOR is providing technical support to UNICEF and IFRC to help guide the teams in the Americas in the Zika responses and is planning further support at country level. 

malariashareableProud to support Mediaplanet’s The 2016 Malaria Campaign. The campaign is distributed through The Guardian newspaper on 25th April, distributed at world leading events and is published online on www.malariaawareness.co.uk. Over 15 million people today are being reached through  – together we can #EndMalaria. Read the interview with CEO of MENTOR, Richard Allan here

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