Kenya floodEL NINO RESPONSE IN NORTH EASTERN KENYA »  MENTOR’s work in large scale prevention campaigns against malaria and dengue epidemics due to El Niño floods. 

team mais 1 Success from PSI programme in Angola  » MENTOR’s timely response with partners of the “Tem Mais” network to a localized spike in malaria transmission.

bentuiBentiu camp, South Sudan, requires emergency assistance » New Influxes of IDPs are arriving at the camp setting in Bentiu fleeing fighting in nearby areas of the country. 

NTD article snapThe MENTOR Initiative recently participated in Mediaplanet UK’s Infectious Diseases campaign in The Independent newspaper and online at www.globalhealthaction.co.uk, in support of #GlobalGoals by # 2030. Read motivating insight from experts and industry leaders on what is being done to tackle the global threat of Infectious Diseases. Read the interview with Richard Allan, the CEO of MENTOR here…

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