Country Director- Angola

Country Director- Angola 

The MENTOR Initiative (MENTOR) is working in partnership with the Government of Angola, through Memorandums of Understanding with the Ministry of Health and supporting the implementation of the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and Malaria Public Sector programmes.

The MENTOR Initiative is working in 6 provinces, but operates from a main base in Huambo (Huambo) province, with additional bases in Zaire (M’Banza Kongo), Uige (Uige) and Bie (Kuito). There is a residential base in the capital Luanda.

Place of Service: Angola. The position is currently based in Huambo with regular travel to Luanda, but it anticipated that this position will be based in Luanda from 2017. Frequent visits to other provinces of Angola will be necessary. International travel to represent MENTOR may also be required.

Reports to: Angola HQ Program Manager & Grants Manager

Responsible for line management of: All staff in the MENTOR Angola program.

 Responsibilities and Tasks

The Country Director (CD) is required to assist the MENTOR Initiative in the overall implementation of the project in Angola. Key to this is ensuring that programme objectives are fully achieved in a timely manner, whilst concurrently identifying needs, opportunities and informing strategic and operational response.

The CD will lead the project in in-country organisational representation; fundraising; financial and grant management, human resource management, technical program support and logistics support.

 He/she will coordinate the different programs in order to ensure consistent levels of high quality delivery, accountability and transparency across them all. He/she will directly supervise and support the MENTOR Initiative senior staff in the country.

The main responsibilities of this post include the following:

1)    Representation

  • Develop and maintain effective positive working relationship with Angolan Government representatives and relevant Ministries, at national, provincial and municipal levels.
  • Foster a positive working relationship with the Ministry of Health both nationally and locally, working effectively with the main partners principally the National Malaria Control Program and the National Neglected Tropical Diseases Control Program.
  • Actively maintain and build good working relationships with partners, donors and all key stakeholders including other NGOs and international organizations. Participate in forums and share good practice.

2)    Programme Performance and Management:

The Country Director, working with the Programme Manager and Grants Manager in HQ, will support the organisation in the following:

  • Oversee and closely collaborate with the programme teams to ensure the vector borne disease programme including NTD delivery is on schedule, of high quality and achieves its agreed objectives and impact in line with the donor grant agreements.
  • Work to develop country-wide planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of MENTOR’s VBD (and NTD) activities alongside the program teams with the HQ Programme Manager.
  • Oversee the implementation of existing programming including development and delivery of work plans and activities.
  • Supervise, develop and support the program teams in all aspects of programme activities.
  • Work with all team members in strategic mapping of programme development.
  • Establish and oversee Memorandums of Understanding with local partners.
  • Ensure all programmatic reporting is produced and reviewed by HQ in a timely manner as per grant and HQ stipulations.

3)    Technical Program Support


  • Manage the delivery of the programme as the key implementing for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) control with the Angolan National NTD Control Programme
  • Supervise and support Programme coordinators to ensure effective collaboration with Provincial Health Authorities (DPS) Work, and municipal focal points.

Other technical areas

  • Work closely with MENTOR Program Coordinators and Program Managers, and Provincial NMCP supervisors in all provinces to build capacity in best practice malaria control in the areas of malaria case diagnosis, treatment and prevention


  • Ensure quality reports are produced on monthly, quarterly and annual basis and submitted to HQ and donors/authorities in a timely manner.

4)    Security

  • Regularly analyse risks in Angola related to project implementation and organisation presence. Design and implement and maintain mitigation strategies to manage identified risks.
  • Maintain overall responsibility at field level of the security of all staff members. Ensure country programme and staff comply with the security policy guidelines and international and local best practices.
  • Oversee that security related logistical support for the operations is adequate and functional.
  • Directly responsible for regularly updating HQ with clear and pragmatic security guidelines for the MENTOR mission in Angola. Including adequate evacuation / hibernation plans as appropriate

5)    Grant management

  • Oversee the management of grants including the appropriate expenditure of funds, whilst assuring timely grant reporting in consultation with HQ
  • Generate grant proposal budgets based upon an overall operating budget in standard format
  • Develop new programming in consultation with HQ, in response to contextual needs and opportunities, identify fundraising prospects, solicit funding opportunities and draft funding proposals
  • Liaise with current and future donors (as relevant), in consultation with HQ, to advance program ideas, and share information on the status of programmes
  • Ensure that relevant regional proposals are drafted in a timely and professional manner in a format consistent with the MENTOR Initiative and donor guidelines, which are reviewed and approved by HQ prior to official submission by HQ (or locally if agreed by HQ).

6)    Financial Management

The Country Director, working with the Finance and Administration Coordinator will:

  • Ensure proper financial reporting within Angola to the UK, in compliance with MENTOR’s financial procedures
  • Uphold responsibility to the organisation for the financial integrity of the programme by ensuring financial resources are cost effectively utilised in the implementation of programme activities within the constraints of budgets
  • Work in close xanax collaboration with the Finance and Administration Coordinator to ensure that MENTOR’s financial systems are maintained in accordance with the MENTOR Initiative Finance and Administration Guidelines
  • Ensure monthly expenditure reporting and good accountability for all grants
  • Provide monthly reports on expenditures to HQ financial services unit within required time frames
  • Provide monthly expenditure predictions and ensure requests for cash are sent to the HQ financial services unit
  • Maintain basic payroll functions on a monthly basis
  • Ensure compliance with all local government taxation and labour regulations
  • Provide timely reporting to the HQ financial services unit for all grant agreements, whilst ensuring full compliance with all grant agreements for financial reporting and procurement
  • Ensure HQ authorisations are established for all new grants, local policies and commitments

7)    Human Resource Management

  • Oversee HR processes for all staff including recruitment, induction, appraisal and other procedures
  • Maintain overall line management of senior staff members, whilst ensuring their effective management of programme staff
  • Ensure that all contracts, code of conduct, internal rules and regulations are adhered to and respected by all members of staff
  • Review and amend the internal regulations and policies for MENTOR team members in accordance with national labour law.
  • Ensure the effective implementation of staff performance reviews/appraisals in a timely and constructive manner
  • Manage and support international consultants to ensure that all staff co-ordinate, plan and implement all activities at scale to meet the programme objectives
  • Coordinate weekly and ad hoc general team meetings, as well as senior programme management team meetings to ensure that the team works harmoniously to meet the needs of the programme
  • Ensure consistency in the application of MENTOR rules and regulations and standard operating procedures

8)    Logistics

The Country Director, working with the Administration and Logistics Coordinators will:

  • Ensure that all procurements will be in accordance with MENTOR procurement guidelines.
  • Ensure the good management of all assets, including fleet and equipment.
  • Maintain consistency of warehouse management and stock control with established MENTOR protocols and procedures
  • Ensure logistical filing systems to include all equipment manuals, maintenance schedules and logs documentation e.g. way bills
  • Maintenance of all communication equipment and installation of these when necessary. Ensure the proper use and training of all staff in the use and respect of communication equipment and procedures.
  • Coordinate with other agencies to maximise resource sharing and combined approaches to communication and transport.
  • Communicate with field teams and base(s) on a daily basis in accordance with general procedures and security guidelines.
  • Provide daily coordination of transport activities by road, and air if needed, as per the daily programme activities


9)    Communication


  • Ensure clear and regular communication between the field bases.
  • Chair regular general coordinator team meetings, reporting relevant updates to HQ
  • Submit MENTOR bi-weekly reports (sitreps). This should include identification of areas of weakness and strengths and recommendation for improvement in implementation and performance of the related tasks.
  • The Consultant will also be required to submit a final report at the end of their contract detailing the overall accomplishments, challenges and analysis of the ways in which the organisation may best achieve ongoing objectives in relation to the programme.


  • Assist HQ Program and Grants manager with field related information for external reports and/or donor proposals.
  • Attend meetings with other NGOs, as appropriate.


10)  Other

  • Periodically support MENTOR international training courses in mutual agreement with the MENTOR CEO.
  • Work with MENTOR to share best practice across the organization as required.
  • Includes the possibility of transfer to another similar post in another MENTOR country programme within the period of this contract agreement (by mutual agreement).
  • Any other reasonable duties as prescribed by the Director of MENTOR, or the Program and Grant Managers.


Qualifications and Experience

Minimum of a degree (preferably Masters) in Public Health or related field.


  • At least 5 years’ experience working in senior roles within international development, and/or in emergency response
  • Experience of all aspects of project management
  • Fluency in verbal and written English.
  • Fluency in oral and spoken Portuguese.
  • Knowledge of NTDs and / or Malaria.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision, whilst maintaining good communication with HQ
  • Proven ability to manage and motivate teams and individuals.
  • Experience of strategic planning and management of large and complex budgets.
  • Able presenter: confident to externally represent the organisation and build relationships and develop opportunities with national and international stakeholders.
  • Adaptable, flexible and responsive to change.
  • Actively non-discriminatory, able to work with people from a range of backgrounds and abilities and get the best out of them.


Dynamic competent Country Director required to manage and develop MENTOR’s Angola country programme. The programme focuses on health system strengthening and partnership working to achieve positive health outcomes in the areas of Neglected Tropical Disease and Malaria.

A highly skilled and motivated individual, the post holder will enjoy working as part of a team, motivating and inspiring team members to deliver programme aims to high standards. Experienced in all aspects of project management, the Country Director will be able to effectively plan and deliver programme goals and comply with donor requirements.  Within MENTOR the post holder will maintain good working relationship between country teams and HQ, and will confidently represent and develop external stakeholder relationships identifying and capitalising on opportunities to develop the country programme. Fluent in English the post holder will also be able to communicate effectively in Portuguese or Spanish (willingness to learn Portuguese).

 Send a CV and letter of motivation to