Country Director – Turkey

Country Director (Turkey) 

Title: Country Director
Location: Killis, Turkey
Reports To: Programme Manager, Grants Manager
Duration: 1 year

Background and organisational context:
The MENTOR Initiative is a charitable “Not for Profit” organisation registered in the UK, with headquarters based in Crawley, West Sussex, and works in over 8 countries in Africa and the Middle East. We have been providing assistance to national and international partners, working in humanitarian crises in delivering effective vector borne disease control interventions since 2006. The goal of MENTOR is ultimately to reduce the burden of vector borne disease on emergency affected populations. Our work in Syria is in response to the increasing numbers and widespread transmission of leishmaniasis in the northern parts of the country, since the beginning of the civil war in 2011. What was already an endemic disease, leishmaniasis has now become one of the most pertinent and prevalent communicable diseases within the country.
Our response is a three-pronged approach to tackling this disease through prevention, medical and IEC activities. In so doing we have reached over 2million beneficiaries and treated more than 180,000 cases from 2014-2015. Due to the present security situation and border closures between Syria and Turkey, this process is remotely managed from our office in Killis,Turkey.
Purpose of the Post:
MENTOR seeks a Country Director to assist the MENTOR Initiative in the overall implementation of programme activities carried out in northern Syria. MENTORs focus in Syria is through the provision of emergency leishmaniasis disease control services for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities in the northern regions of the country. The Country Director:
• Will directly co-ordinate MENTOR’s work in Syria remotely whilst based in Turkey and serve as MENTORs national representative, whilst developing and sustaining strategic partnerships.
• Will provide overall leadership, strategic direction and operational management in close coordination with HQ Programme Manager and Grants Manager
• Will be responsible for the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation and reporting of programme activities.
• Will be responsible for sourcing, leadership, management and development of national staff
• Will be responsible for leading on security issues and effective risk management analyses in close collaboration with partners and HQ.
• Will be responsible for leading the administration, information management, grant management; the direction, supervision and evaluation of employees,
• Will be comfortable in multiple roles including: senior management, documenting processes, communications with internal and external stakeholders, performing data analysis, meeting with senior personnel from the government and NGO partners.

Programme Performance and Management:
The Country Director, working with the Programme Manager and Grants Manager in HQ, will support the organisation in the following:
• Oversee and closely collaborate with the medical team to ensure the vector borne disease programme delivery is on schedule, of high quality and achieves its agreed objectives and impact in line with the donor grant agreements.
• Working to develop country planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of MENTORs VBD activities alongside the medical team and with the HQ Programme Manager.
• Oversee the implementation of existing programming including development of work plans and activity components;
• Supervise, develop and support the medical teams in all aspects of programme activities
• Work with all team members in strategic mapping of programme development
• Establish and oversee memorandums of understanding with local partners
• Ensure all programmatic reporting is produced and reviewed by HQ in a timely manner as per grant and HQ stipulations
Grant Management
• Oversee the management of grants including the appropriate expenditure of funds, whilst assuring timely grant reporting in consultation with HQ
• Generate grant proposal budgets based upon an overall operating budget in standard format
• Develop new programming in consultation with HQ, in response to contextual needs and opportunities, identify fundraising prospects, solicit funding opportunities and draft funding proposals
• Liaise with current and future donors (as relevant), in consultation with HQ, to advance program ideas, and share information on the status of programmes
• Ensure that relevant regional proposals are drafted in a timely and professional manner in a format consistent with The MENTOR Initiative and donor guidelines, which are reviewed and approved by HQ prior to official submission by HQ (or locally if agreed by HQ).

Financial Management:
The Country Director, working with the Finance and Administrative Coordinator will:
• Ensure proper financial reporting within Turkey to the UK in compliance with MENTOR’s financial procedures
• Uphold responsibility to the organisation for the financial proscar integrity of the programme by ensuring financial resources are cost effectively utilised in the implementation of programme activities within the constraints of budgets
• Work in close collaboration with the Finance and Adminstrative Coordinator to ensure that MENTORs financial systems are maintained in accordance with the MENTOR Initiative Finance and Administration Guidelines
• Ensure monthly expenditure reporting and good accountability for all grants
• Provide monthly reports on expenditures to HQ financial services unit within required time frames
• Provide monthly expenditure predictions and ensure requests for cash are sent to the HQ financial services unit
• Maintain basic payroll functions on a monthly basis
• Ensure compliance with all local government taxation and labour regulations
• Provide timely reporting to the HQ financial services unit for all grant agreements, whilst ensuring full compliance with all grant agreements for financial reporting and procurement
• Ensure HQ authorisations are established for all new grants, local policies and committments
Human Resources Management:
• Oversee HR processes for all staff including recruitment, induction, appraisal and other procedures
• Maintain overall line management of senior staff members, whilst ensuring their effective management of programme staff
• Ensure that all contracts, code of conduct, internal rules and regulations are adhered to and respected by all members of staff
• Ensure the effective implementation of staff performance reviews/appraisals in a timely and constructive manner
• Manage and support international consultants to ensure that all staff co-ordinate, plan and implement all activities at scale to meet the programme objectives
• Coordinate weekly and ad hoc general team meetings, as well as senior programme management team meetings to ensure that the team works harmoniously to meet the needs of the programme
• Ensure consistency in the application of The MENTOR rules and regulations and standard operating procedures

• Maintain overall responsibility at field level of the security of all staff members
• Regularly analyse risks in Turkey and Syria related to project implementation and organisation presence. Design and implement mitigation strategies to manage identified risks
• Ensure country programme and staff comply with the security policy, guidelines and international and local best practices
• Maintain an in-depth understanding of security issues and communicate these to HQ in a timely way
• Maintain excellent communication channels with HQ on all matters concerning programme activity
• Maintain and pursue new positive working relationships with partners, donors and all key stakeholders
• Ensure that any media coverage related to MENTOR’s programme’s is not pursued by staff nor the sharing of details of the organisations work with anyone other than those approved by MENTOR
• Ensure all donor reporting is drafted to HQ in a timely way
The Country Director, working with the Logistics Coordinator will:
• Ensure that all procurements will be in accordance with the MENTOR procurement guidelines and maintain good management of al assets
• Maintain consistency of warehouse management and stock control with established MENTOR protocols and procedures
• Ensure logistical filing systems to include all equipment manuals, maintenance schedules and logs documentation e.g. way bills
• Maintenance of all communication equipment and installation of these when necessary. Ensure the proper use and training of all staff in the use and respect of communication equipment and procedures
• Coordinate with other agencies to maximise resource sharing and combined approaches to communication and transport.
• Communicate with field teams and base(s) on a daily basis in accordance with general procedures and security guidelines.
• Provide daily coordination of transport activities by road, and air if needed, as per the daily programme activities
Other duties: The Country Director will be expected to perform any other reasonable duties as prescribed by the Director of MENTOR, or the PM or the GM

Qualifications and Experience
• Proven ability to manage teams in challenging and insecure settings is essential
• Proven security management experience
• At least a First degree or equivalent qualification required. Applicants with postgraduate training will be preferred. (Public health will be an advantage)
• At least 5 years’ experience working overseas programme management, preferably in international development or/and emergency responses to humanitarian crises
• Proven ability and presence to represent the organisation to national and international stakeholders
• Fluency in verbal and written English
• Excellent communication skills
• Adaptable, flexible and responsive to change

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