Emergency Team technical placement

Position Title: Emergency Team Technical Placement

Starting: 1st February 2019

Reporting to: Director & Emergency Team Coordinator

Period of consultancy: TBD

Place of Work: The MENTOR Initiative HQ, five days per week unless indicated otherwise. The applicant must be eligible to work in the United Kingdom.

Stipend: $1800 per month


Overall Job Purpose

The Technical Placement will support MENTOR’s recently set up Emergency Team (ET) in fulfilling its mandate: responding to acute humanitarian needs that are caused by crisis, outbreaks, and natural disasters, all within the organisations specific competence and experience. Given the nature of this mandate, this will require the Technical Placement to be flexible with their specific job purpose, which will in part be contingent on the needs of the Emergency Team.

Core Responsibilities:

The Technical Placement will support the Emergency Team through the following core responsibilities:

  • Writing:
    • Produce Situation Reports on countries identified by the Emergency Team for continual monitoring.
    • Assist in the production of Emergency Team monthly reports.
    • Assist in the production of Concept Notes and Proposals for identified programmes.
    • Carrying out, when requested, the production of specific reports relevant to the Emergency Team.
    • Produce and distribute minutes of Emergency Team meetings.
  • Research:
    • Undertaking the necessary desk-based research for any of the writing tasks detailed above.
    • Undertaken when requested, research into existing and potential humanitarian crisis, disease outbreaks, and natural disasters.
    • Continually track potential funding opportunities to support the Emergency Team’s future interventions and diversify its institutional funding base.
    • Carrying out relevant research into the humanitarian sector to feed into the Emergency Teams programme and strategy development.
    • Supporting the
  • Administration:
    • Updating and maintaining Emergency Team project management files and folders as well as providing general administrative support to the Emergency Team.

Contingent Responsibilities:

The Technical Placement may be required to support the Emergency Team in the setup of emergency programmes as and when deemed necessary. This may include all occurring activities and is mainly seen in the context of identifying benchmarks in the intern’s learning process.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Supporting the (acting) Programme Manager of the given programme start-up:
    • Supporting the necessary administrative duties that are assigned at HQ for the programme start-up.
    • Updating documents with the necessary contextual information for the programme start-up.
    • Providing continual relevant desk-based research.
  • If deemed necessary, joining the Emergency Team in-field in the start-up of a given programme.
    • Under the responsibility of the emergencies team leader, being part of the team and, in concertation with the team leader carry out occurring activities on the level of general management, logistics, finance and administration.



Any other duties as may be assigned to the Emergency Team Technical Placement by the Emergency Team Coordinator and/or MENTOR’s Director.

Note: the role of Emergency Team Technical Placement (as with any role in the Emergency Team) may require field visits at very short notice. This may include visiting areas that are considered endemic to disease, highly insecure, and/or are experiencing a natural disaster. It is expected of the Technical Placement to have the flexibility in this regard, all within the organisational guidelines and risk analyses.