A farewell and thank you to our Country Director, Johan.

A farewell and thank you to our Country Director, Johan!

Johan arrived in Angola as a coordinator for the neglected tropical disease programme in November 2014, rapidly rising to assume the responsibilities of Country Director by January 2015.

Through his tireless commitment to the Angola programme he oversaw the growth of the programme which is on course to reach 2.7 million treatments over the last year for Soil Transmitted Helminths, Schistosomiasis, Lymphatic Filariasis, and Onchocerciasis.  Johan’s contribution has also been pivotal in the success of malaria programmes in Angola, where we have trained health, laboratory and pharmaceutical workers in case management, supply chain management and testing, alongside community health workers who worked directly with rural communities.

Johan has coordinated an excellent team and managed to nurture a respectful levaquin team spirit. Through leading by example he has developed the right atmosphere for teamwork and coordination. His dedication and hard work over the years with MENTOR have been a great benefit to the organisation and, undeniably, he will be deeply missed by his team. Johan has promoted respectful collaboration, loyalty and integrity through leading by example.

We have no doubt that wherever Johan takes his career, he will continue to prove himself as an asset. We thank him for his vital work in the field in Angola and wish Johan the best of luck and the greatest of success in all his future endeavours! Muito Obrigado!