Field Coordinator – South Sudan

Field Coordinator  (South Sudan) 

Work Base: MENTOR South Sudan field base – Malakal
Responsible to: Country Director
Duration: 3 months with possible extension
Start date: October 2015
Fee: 3,800 USD / month

The Field Coordinator for the South Sudan field base will be directly responsible for the coordination of the field base located in one of the northern States where MENTOR is operational, and to assist the South Sudan Country team to set up a new Emergency Programme. He/she will furthermore provide direct operational support to the MENTOR Initiative technical team to allow for a successful implementation of an extensive vector borne disease (VBD) control programme in the assigned State or States, which includes VBD case management training and vector control activities.

The main responsibilities of this post include the following:

1. Operational support and general base management – field base
The Field Coordinator will ensure that the field base within the South Sudan programme operates on the basis of the organisation’s existing standardised systems and procedures within all aspects of operational support:
– Responsible to ensure the proper set up of the MENTOR base if needed.
– In collaboration with the CD and Operation Support Coordinator (OSC), ensures they communicate the need for the recruitment of the local staff, and is responsible for permanent training and capacity building of local staff. The Field Coordinator ensures, in collaboration with the CD and OSC, that HR management systems are implemented properly and in line with local labour laws (respect of recruitment procedures, respect of internal rules and sexual harassment policies, performance review, payroll, etc.).
– In collaboration with the CD and the OSC, oversee that standard MENTOR administrative procedures and forms are adhered to and used for regular administrative matters including provision of documents as requested by relevant official authorities, and/or setup of MoUs with relevant local authorities.
– Assist the OSC (based in Juba) with the proper implementation of MENTOR finance field systems to ensure that timely and accurate financial reporting is sent to the Financial Coordinator as required as well as to oversee adequate cash flow and regular follow up on budget expenditure and planning.
– In close collaboration with the OSC, ensure proper implementation of logistics procedures for warehousing and asset management, fleet and fuel management, communications systems and maintenance, local procurement and overall programme logistics support for VBD control activities.

2. Security Management
In close collaboration with the CD, the field coordinator is responsible for overall security management:
– With support from the CD, responsible for update of and adherence to Security procedures and practice in the field base. This includes providing field related input to update the security guidelines for South Sudan, strict respect of general security rules (vehicle usage, curfew, appropriate behaviour, etc.) by all team members and daily gathering, analysis and sharing (with CD) of security related information.
– Ensure solid networking and in depth and regular information collection on the situation in and around the area of responsibility.
– In coordination with the logistics team, oversee that security related logistical support for the operations is adequate and functional.
– Brief the CD on a daily basis on the security situation in the area of responsibility and provide input to the MENTOR Initiative security guidelines for South Sudan as requested by the CD.
– As per instructions from the CD, oversee and manage any security incidents in the area of responsibility – including evacuation or hibernation.
– Ensure the strict respect of general security rules (vehicle usage, curfew, appropriate behaviour etc.) by all MENTOR team members present in the base of his/her responsibility.

3. Programme support:
The Field Coordinator is responsible for operational support to the technical team for programme activities implemented in the assigned State:
– In collaboration with the OSC, oversee and expedite all procurement requests received from Programme Teams (both prevention and case management) and organise for their transportation to field destinations.
– Ensure proper warehousing and storage of both medical and prevention commodities with close attention to the temperature limitations of medical commodities.
– Provide direct operational support during roll out of prevention campaigns as per requirements of the prevention team. This will include supervision of the local staff members to ensure best practice during the campaigns.
– Organise with the MENTOR Prevention team an Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) campaign in the targeted host and IDP population.
– Organise with the MENTOR Prevention team mosquito and fly larval control campaigns as appropriate and deemed necessary.
– In close collaboration with the MENTOR Medical Coordinator in South Sudan, coordinate required support to obtain access (for the local host/displaced population) to quality case management of malaria and other VBDs;
– Oversee the implementation of extensive IEC/BCC concerning malaria control amongst target population

4. Communication and HR communication
o Organise regular general team meetings as well as operational support meetings
o Provide input to MENTOR bi-weekly situation reports, and base-specific reports when required.
o Provide clear and regular communication and collaboration with the OSC, the Prevention Coordinators and the Medical Coordinators and respect the lines of communication.
o Responsible for briefing expatriates on general context and security issues in the field upon their arrival to the field base
o Carry out performance evaluations as required for staff members under his/her direct management.
o Overall responsible for the respect and adherence by expat and local team members to the MENTOR code of conduct including policies in regards to sexual harassment.
o Assist the CD with field related information for external reports and/or donor proposals.
o Participate in external meetings related to general or security context in the areas of intervention. If required, participate in external meetings that concerns programme matters (if no programme staff is available)
o Ensure a transparent and efficient exchange of data, context reports etc. with relevant stakeholders.

5. Other
– From time to time and as requested work with MENTOR Initiative Grants Management Team to share best practice across the organization.
– Includes the possibility of transfer to another similar post in another MENTOR Initiative country programme within the period of this contract agreement.
– Any other duties as may be assigned by the CD and agreed with the Director.
– Potential similar role in another MENTOR team/programme, by mutual consent.

CV and letter of motivation to be sent to