Integrated Vector Management 1 Day Workshops

Integrated Vector Management 1 Day Workshops

The MENTOR Initiative has over 14 years of experience in carrying out evidence-based disease control programmes and building capacity in malaria and vector borne disease control globally. To date, over 1500 individuals from NGOs, national partners, UN agencies, donors, suppliers and the media have participated in MENTOR’s training programmes. 

We run one day free specialist workshops on a USAID funded initiative working in partnership with WHO and Durham University to expand the evidence base for integrated vector management in emergency settings to control major outbreaks of vector borne disease. Diseases covered will include Malaria, Dengue, Zika and Leishmaniasis. 

We look forward to welcoming Policy Makers, Senior Health Managers, International NGOs, UN Agencies, Donors, National Disease Control Programs, Ministries of Health and Private Sector Partners.

The workshop presents the rational for integrating tools and strategies for diseases transmitted by vectors and present logical approaches to planning these control programmes using an integrated vector management in emergencies toolbox. 

If you would like to receive an invitation to one of the workshops please e-mail [email protected] indicating the country of interest.