Iraq Financial Coordinator

Financial Coordinator – Iraq Kurdistan

Title: Financial Coordinator – Short term

Work Base: Duhok with possible travel to Erbil and other locations in Iraq as per programme requirements

Reporting to: Country Director Iraq – and technically to the HQ Grants Manager. In the absence of a Country Director, report to HQ Grants Manager.


The Financial Coordinator for the Iraq Kurdistan emergency programmes will establish and maintain the organisation’s standardised financial, administrative and human resource systems and process in Iraq Kurdistan and will ensure the implementation of these at all levels of the organisation’s country programmes for vector borne disease control. This consultant will work as part of a team dedicated to assisting the MoH, UN agencies, NGOs and FBOs to ensure that all vulnerable communities in at risk emergency areas of the country target areas have access to quality leishmaniasis and other vector borne diseases case management and prevention.


Specific Services:

Financial Coordination

  • In collaboration with the team in Country, directly responsible for ensuring the financial integrity of programmes.
  • Assist with the proper implementation of MENTOR finance field systems to ensure that timely and accurate financial reporting is sent to the HQ as required as well as to oversee adequate cash flow and regular follow up on budget expenditure and planning.
  • Set up financial structures for new field bases.
  • Prepare monthly electronic reports on expenditures against the project budget(s) and submit these according to deadlines, and when required, prepare this information for Donors.
  • Ensure accounting for all grants and in accordance with the grant agreement(s).
  • Ensure good quality finance and administration systems as per the standard MENTOR guidelines are set up and functioning in field programmes.
  • Ensure compliance to all Grant agreements for financial reporting and procurement in collaboration with HQ GM.
  • Ensure field level compliance to all legal aspects of the grant agreement.
  • Oversee that program departments, including logistics, submit monthly budget forecasts and, on the basis of these, prepare monthly planned expenditure, to be sent electronically to HQ.
  • On the basis of internal cash available and planned expenditure, send monthly requests for cash (RCA) to HQ.
  • Prepare monthly paper reports on expenditures against the project budget(s) and send these together with copies of all hardcopy receipts and other expenditure-related paperwork to HQ.
  • On the basis of internal cash available and planned expenditure, send monthly requests for cash (RCA) to the MENTOR Initiative Grants Management Team.
  • Prepare monthly payroll, and send electronic as well as paper version to HQ.
  • Supervise and provide on-going trainings to local administrators in the MENTOR Initiative finance and administration procedures.
  • Ensure that all members of the MENTOR team are trained and respect the Finance, Administration and Human Resources procedures.
  • Responsible for payment of all local team members including daily workers when necessary.
  • Responsible for distributing ICLA and security cash (when required) to international team members as well as reimbursement of approved expenses
  • Maintain all MENTOR bank accounts in-country and set-up new accounts according to programme needs.
  • Ensure that monthly bank statements are obtained and are legible and submit with monthly financial documentation
  • When required, assist with the preparation of new proposals and budgets



  • Assists in meetings (administration and Human Resource cluster, NGO forum etc) to represent The MENTOR Initiative when necessary. Minutes of meetings are to be set up and shared afterwards.
  • Oversee that standard MENTOR administrative procedures and forms are adhered to and used for regular administrative matters including provision of documents as requested by relevant official authorities.
  • Follow up on all rental agreements including the MENTOR house(s), office(s), and vehicles, etc. and renew rental agreements when necessary.
  • When necessary, follow-up on The MENTOR Initiative’s registration in country with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other local actors.
  • Assist with any other administrative tasks as required.


Human Resources

  • Direct management of office/field administrators, and cook/cleaners – In the absence of a Logistic Coordinator, management of office/field logisticians, drivers and guards.
  • Directly responsible for all administrative aspects of the local staff HR management systems.  Implementing systems properly (in line with local labour laws) to ensure transparent recruitment procedures, set up of internal rules and regulations, performance reviews, complaints systems, salary scale, local payroll.
  • Implement and develop (as needed) local staff policy in line with national labour law.
  • Ensure compliance with all local government taxation and labour regulations concerning employment contracts.
  • Coordinate actions related to the administration of human resources activities ensuring consistency in the application of The MENTOR Initiative rules and procedures and local labour law.
  • Review and amend the Internal Rules and Regulations for MENTOR national staff in accordance with national labour law.
  • Ensure that standard salary scale and per diem polices are in place and updated, upon validation from MENTOR HQ, regularly.
  • Ensure that national staff adhere to The MENTOR Initiative contracts, policies and internal rules.
  • This includes set up of non-technical job descriptions and assisting with the editing of technical job descriptions, posting adverts, organizing interviews, etc.
  • Ensure the effective implementation of national staff performance reviews in a timely manner in coordination with respective line managers.
  • Ensure that international team members respect internal rules and policies in relation to the management of national staff under their responsibility.


Programme Support

  • Assist with writing of Memorandums of Understanding
  • When required, represent the MENTOR Initiative in external coordination meetings
  • If requested, provide finance/admin and/or human resources support during field or assessment missions.
  • Assist administratively the closing down of offices/bases in the field if required including contact with authorities, Human resources issues and support to logistic department.



  • Maintain regular communication and collaboration with all MENTOR Coordinators.
  • Ensure a good delegation and capacity building to the local staff under the direct responsibilities.
  • Organize regular general team meetings as well as operational support meetings.
  • Submit a summary report of activities carried out on a weekly basis. This report shall include identification of areas of weakness and strengths and recommendation for improvement in implementation and performance of the related tasks.
  • Compile and submit Bi-weekly/Monthly MENTOR administrative reports.
  • Contribute to MENTOR quarterly donor reports
  • Ensure the respect and adherence by expat and local team members to the MENTOR code of conduct including policies in regards to sexual harassment.
  • As requested work with MENTOR HQ to share best practice across the organization.


  • Support in assessment missions when required.
  • Assist with field related information for external reports and/or donor proposals and in the creation of viable new proposals and budgets for future grants or Memorandums of Understanding.
  • Represent MENTOR at Directorate/National level meetings with the government and Health Partners to help inform and support a coordinated approach to disease control in Iraq Kurdistan ensuring coordination and constructive working relations and attendance at relevant inter-agency coordination meetings
  • Ensure a transparent and efficient exchange of data, context reports etc. with relevant stakeholders.
  • Any other related duties as may be assigned by the CD and agreed with the HQ Grants Manager and/or the Director.


  • Includes the possibility of transfer to another similar post in another MENTOR Initiative country programme within the period of this contract agreement.
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the CD, GM and agreed with the Director.


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