Malaria Technical Placement

Malaria Technical Placement

Country: MENTOR HQ and/or another suited location
Reporting to: Programme Manager and the respective Country Director
Start Date Immediate
Duration: Three Months

The first planned phase of the Malaria Technical Placement will be conducted in MENTOR HQ where the Technical Placement will work closely with the Programme Manager to cover theoretical training in various aspects of malaria and malaria control. If this period (minimum of one month) is successful then the Technical Placement is expected to complete the remaining period of the Technical Placement in a suitable MENTOR country field programme. Where ever possible the field programme will be identified in advance but may be subject to change. In the field programme the Technical Placement will work under the management of the Country Director or their delegated officer. This period will premarin provide hands on experience in various areas of malaria control programming in various ongoing programme sites and with a range of programme activities.
Compensation for the first month of the Technical Placement is 200 euros. Compensation for the remainder of the Technical Placement is an in-country living allowance of 17 USD per day, comprehensive insurance, and a roundtrip flight to and from the country field programme. Accommodation is provided by the MENTOR Initiative during the period of the Technical Placement. The Technical Placement is responsible for travel to MENTOR HQ.

The Technical Placement is for a fixed period of 3 months and will provide the Technical Placement with the opportunity to:
• Assist the Programme Manager with MENTOR operational research programmes including the support of field programmes conducting studies and surveys
• Gain hands-on experience with Epi Info and statistical analysis of MENTOR’s studies and surveys
• Study malaria technical publications and guidelines.
• If the context allows, gain a basic understanding of how new emergencies are assessed, planned for and responded to for malaria control needs.
• Study existing MENTOR malaria control programmes in emergency and reconstruction phases.
• Practice with, and learn about, key malaria control tools.
• Gain an understanding of malaria control tool commercial supplier, pricing and budgeting.
• Practice designing and putting together a plan and budget for a new malaria control programme.
• Other supportive duties as agreed with the Programme Manager.

• Professional health qualification (RN, MPH, MD, etc), or undergraduate degree with two years of professional experience working in public health, community mobilization or a related field
• Ability to work in English and French or Portuguese/Spanish/Italian (required)
• Desire and motivation to work in a developing country in difficult working conditions
• Creative, innovative and strategic thinking ability
• Good communicator, both written and oral
• Open to, and tolerant of, other cultures and religions
• Ability to work well within a group and, also, unsupervised as required
• Flexible and able to adapt to changing contexts and work demands
• Excellent computer skills

CV and letter of motivation to be sent to