Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Capacity Builder- Angola

 Monitoring & Evaluation Technical Capacity Builder – Angola 


The Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Technical Capacity Builder will strengthen the National M&E system and capacity build personnel within The MENTOR Initiative in Angola (MENTOR).

The post holder will work directly with the National M&E Coordinator who oversees Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) programme implementation within Angola, and provides support to MENTOR NTD Programme Coordinators and the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Coordinator. The NTD programme is being implemented in 6 provinces of Angola (Huambo, Uige, Zaire, Bie, Kunado Kubango and Kwanza Sul). The M&E Coordinator manages the output of the entire NTD programme, processing data for use in all aspects of MENTOR reporting and programme development.

The coordinator also provides technical support to the National NTD programme coordination in Luanda working with relevant Programme Coordinators, the Ministry of Health, the National NTD Programme Coordination and Provincial Health Directors to ensure appropriate M&E tools are in place and functioning.

The responsibility of the M&E Technical Capacity Builder (Coach)  is to develop and further improve the technical capacity of the National M&E system and  Coordinator by introducing professional standards in all aspects of the M&E work, and ensuring it is streamlined, effective and accurate and consistently delivered throughout the MENTOR programmes in  Angola. They will also be tasked with assisting the National Health structure to improve data management and collection relating to the NTD programme.

The M&E Coach will work with the M&E coordinator to improve overall data management within the Angola programme, to deliver the following:

  • Asses and evaluate the current MENTOR Angola M&E system and management tools;
  • Identify appropriate methodologies, tools and activities that will improve the quality and robustness of data generated and deliver comprehensive data analysis to the programme

Working with the M&E Coordination

  • Identifying and address areas of capacity development for the M&E Coordinator
  • Capacitate the M&E Coordinator to set clear organizational structure for M&E data collection and internal reporting including establishing clear lines of communication and collaboration with regard to ownership and management of data.
  • Capacitate the M&E Coordinator in improving the current tools and software, leading to improved data reporting internally and ultimately to donors to achieve improved transparency and accountability.
  • Capacitate the M&E Coordinator to improve in map creation and coding using GIS software.
  • Train the M&E Coordinator in the development and use of best practice and where applicable, standardized M&E indicators.
  • Support the M&E coordinator to train data clerks and programme staff to improve the overall capacity of the programme teams in data collection and reporting.

Programme and national level:

  • Design an integrated NTD data collection and management system within the National Health Structure (reporting from provincial level to national level) in collaboration with the National NTD Coordination and the M&E Coordinator
  • Design appropriate back-up systems and alternative non-internet-based data management systems, Advise the Country Director with regard to a reliable data back-up system in the light of reduced internet capacity in country
  • Make recommendations to the CD and provide orientation to the M&E Coordinator

Other duties:

  • From time to time and as requested, work with MENTOR Initiative at organisational level to share best practice across the organization.


  • The M&E Coach will report to the Country Director of MENTOR Angola.
  • The M&E Coach will be required to submit a monthly summary report of activities This report will identify strengths weaknesses in implementation and delivery of the tasks and identify recommendations for improvements.
  • The M&E Coach will submit a final report detailing the overall accomplishments, challenges and analysis of the ways in which the organisation may best achieve ongoing objectives in relation to the country programme.


  • Highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of M&E and aware of current M&E debates and developments
  • Proven experience in developing and delivering comprehensive M&E to NGO health programmes in Africa (desirable),
  • Experience in effectively training, supporting and building capacity in others;
  • Experience in working with a number of data analysis and GIS software programmes;
  • Able quickly evaluate M&E programmes and identify and deliver improvements
  • Fluent English written and spoken;
  • Fluent Portuguese and/or Spanish (desirable).


Applications: Send cover letter stating how you meet the specification together with your CV to . Please put ‘Angola M&E Consultancy’ in subject heading. Thank you