Private Sector Medical Coordinator- Liberia

Private Sector Medical Coordinator- Liberia 

Terms of Reference for Private Sector Medical Coordinator (MedCo)


Position Title: Private Sector Medical Coordinator (MedCo) – Essential Health Care (Surveillance, IPC and Malaria Control) in Medicine Stores and Pharmacies (MS/Ph) and Health Facilities (HF).

Base: MENTOR Liberia (including other locations in agreement with the Country Director)

Reporting to: Country Director (CD) & Technical Coordinator (TechCo)

Period of consultancy: At least 3 months (funding dependent extension likely)

Start Date: asap NLT 4th January 2016

Conditions: 3500 – 4000 USD/month fee, shared accommodation, in country living allowance 17 USD/day, emergency medical insurance, return flight per contract.


Staff reporting: 5x MS/P supervisory teams + support staff.


Background. The MENTOR Initiative (MENTOR) is a “not for profit”, charitable, non-governmental organisation devoted to reducing deaths and suffering from tropical diseases. MENTOR is currently providing ongoing emergency support to the most vulnerable communities in Liberia, Angola, Kenya, the Central African Republic, Chad and South Sudan.


Overall Job Purpose: Overall management and direction of training and supervising MS/Ph in Monrovia; facilitating disease surveillance, Infection Protection Control training/supply, and ensuring essential medicines (ACT and mRDTs) are provided to a network of outlets in vulnerable communities. Main focus will be on the Private Sector ACT (PSACT) Malaria Control program and implementing ‘urban and peri-urban IDSR’ for community based surveillance with MS/Ph as key informants. A key task will be managing a team to ensure the project activities achieve their objectives in accordance with the grant award’s specified outcomes as well as NMCP Private Sector Strategy and Global Health Security Agenda priorities for Liberia. Specifically, he/she will develop protocols, curriculums and ensure timely implementation of all activities in MS/Phs, including training, mentoring, supervision and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E). Additionally, provide technical direction for training of Health Care Workers (HCW) training in Infection Protection Control (IPC) including malaria case management (MCM) this will also be a key area of responsibility. The MedCo will report to the CD and TechCo, and will undertake other technical, administrative, coordination, financial and representation roles and responsibilities in the management of the MENTOR grants implementation.


Essential Requirements:
Desirable Requirements:
·         Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse or postgraduate Public Health Studies

·         Minimum 5 years working experience post graduation and 2 years as a Clinical Manager

·         Excellent knowledge of Infection Prevention Control protocols (WHO,CDC)

·         Excellent training skills

·         Fluent written and spoken English

·         Strong management profile

–        Good organizational skills

–        Ability to meet deadlines

–        Computer literate including Window programs (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc)

·         Ability to work under stressful conditions

·         Strong sense of team spirit, diplomacy and tact
·         Clinical experience within the Liberian MOH health facilities an advantage

·         Previous experience working in clinical research trials highly desirable

·         Knowledge of local area – experience working Liberia or other West African settings preferred

·         Previous work with private sector in developing nations

·         Experience in IEC/BCC programming at the community level in emergency scenarios

·         NGO experience of at least two years working  with health organization

·         Previous experience in data collection, interpretation and reporting

·         Working knowledge of current International Technical Guidelines for Malaria, Lassa and Yellow Fever

·         Experience working with USAID and GF donors preferred
MENTOR Liberia. Has worked with Liberia’s MoH and country partners since 2003, to help adapt and build effective malaria control systems through periods of conflict and current peace. Since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak, we have been able to use our established community and medicine store networks to implement effective Ebola response strategies, as they were being developed by the MoH.


PSACT program (Private Sector ACT program). MENTOR is working with 450 medicine stores/pharmacies across Monrovia to implement PSACT. We train dispensers to test for malaria using rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) and offer malaria medicines (ACTs) at a subsidised rate.


Community Health. We have 200 community health volunteers within Bushrod Island, West Point and Paynesville who go door to door providing awareness on Ebola transmission/prevention as well as on the PSACT programme.


IPC. MENTOR supports 100 clinics across Monrovia, but specifically focused in Bushrod Island and Paynesville on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) through triage/isolation rehabilitation, Safe Quality of Service training and supervision/continuation training  of health care workers.


DL. A research project in Bomi County investigating whether durable wall lining (DL) is an effective intervention for malaria prevention, as a new insecticide vector control method.


MENTOR interacts closely with the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP), Montserrado and Bomi County Health Teams, Pharmacy Board, Pharmacy Division, Liberia Medicines and Health products Regulatory Authority, Community health services, and Health promotion division, Research Division at the Ministry of Health, University of Liberia, National Drug Services, and National IPC Task Force.


Duties and Responsibilities:

PSACT Program (RDT/ACT in the Private Sector)

·         Ensuring all relevant stakeholders are involved in the development, planning, approval and delivery of activities facilitating community access to malaria diagnosis and treatment through MS/Ph in Montserrado County, in accordance with the National Strategy and the Global Fund implementation requirements and also for disease surveillance at MS/Ph.

·         Ensure proper implementation (quality control) of planned activities to MS/Ph’s in Montserrado County, including training through supervision and mentoring.

·         Develop and field test protocols for disease surveillance at MS/Ph level, including appropriate referral channels and dispenser training curriculum. Share findings and obtain stakeholder approval for large scale implementation.

·         Coordinate the implementation of urban IDSR in all MENTOR supported health facilities.

·         Develop and agree MOUs with local stakeholders for the delivery of program activities.

·         Ensure proper monitoring of the supply chain systems function based on regulation of the Pharmacy board of Liberia (PBL) and Liberia Medicine Health products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA)

·         Work with NMCP, PBL and CHT to develop and test training materials, job aids and M&E tools and to provide technical training in malaria case management using these tools.

·         Monitor the fixed / suggested pricing for the sale of RDT/ACTs along the supply chain (wholesaler and dispenser level).

·         Coordinate EVD response activities at MS/Ph.

Technical Leadership and Oversight

·        Facilitate the training and support of partners and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoH&SW) in Liberia to scale up the use of standardized protocols and best practices taught during the Safe Quality of Service training package.

·        Work closely with the MoH&SW and the IPC task force to co-ordinate and ensure all technical activities are in line with the strategic plan, international guidelines, and advise on technical issues surrounding implementation of IPC practices.

·        Ensure proper Ebola and Malaria case diagnosis and treatment through regular follow-up according to MOH&SW Technical Guidelines as endorsed by the WHO/CDC.

·         Provide onsite quality assurance/control for the MS/Ph network with PBL, CHT and NMCP.

·         Oversee the development of data collection, management, analysis and reporting: responsible for supporting all M&E components administered as part of Ministry of Health & Social Welfare HMIS.

·         With HQ and TechCo, follow the implementation of research protocols submitted to ethics, and development of all new and required protocols as per the grant agreements.

·         Undertake operational research surveys as per grant requirements: mapping of medicine stores, cross sectional treatment seeking behaviour survey, adherence to ACT, and market studies, as required.

·        With support from the CD / TechCo, lead the development of technical manuscripts, reports and proposals.

Coordination tasks

·         Represent MENTOR at all relevant meetings with the government and NGO partners to help inform and support a coordinated approach to disease control in Liberia.

·         Ensure a transparent and efficient exchange of data, context reports etc. with relevant stakeholders.

·         Work with the in-country team and the HQ team to develop an internal budget for planned activities for all MENTOR grants involving MS/Phs.

·         Directly responsible for recruiting and managing all team members working on this project in line with local labour laws. Organize regular team meetings.

·         Provide clear and regular communication and collaboration with the CD, TechCo and other Project Field Coordinators (and HQ if needed).

·         Submit a summary of activities carried out into the MENTOR weekly situation reports, including identification of areas of weakness and strengths and recommendation for improvement in implementation and performance of the related tasks.

·         Carry out performance evaluations as required for staff members under his/her direct management.

·         Ensure the respect and adherence by expat and local team members to the MENTOR code of conduct including policies in regards to sexual harassment.

·         As requested work with MENTOR Initiative HQ to share best practice across the organization.

Team Management and Fundraising

·         Manage the national MS/Ph team, including recruitment, training, coaching and supervision; establish links with a multitude of partners to ensure the MENTOR team are used in advisory/consulting capacity for other agencies;

·         May act to oversee the entire emergency program and represent the organization in the absence of the CD / Tech Co-Ord.

·         Assist build the capacity of the technical teams to carry out tasks independently.

·         Liaise with donors and national partners in consultation with CD and HQ, to secure future funding and other support if required.

·         Participate in funding proposals write-ups, in line with MENTOR and donor guidelines.

·         Ensure timely donor and internal reporting for all projects in the MENTOR Liberia mission.


·         Backstop the CD/ TechCo to ensure that all emergency program objectives are being met and international best practices adhered to.

·         Represent MENTOR at technical meetings, and with donor agencies for technical matters and as advised by the CD / TechCo.

·         Oversee other MENTOR Initiative activities as agreed with the CD.


The MENTOR Initiative is working in a constantly changing humanitarian aid environment, reasonable specific work duties may be requested that may not fit into the above job description, but which will help promote overall program goals and aims. In the emergency setting work on weekends will be required, requests to do so should be regarded as falling within the 40hr working week stipulated within the MENTOR Initiative’s standard working contract, of which this job description forms a part.


To Apply: Please send CV, letter of interest and the contact information of three references from you previous three employers to or apply online at




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