Turkana Marsabit Update

UNICEF and MENTOR began working together to protect the people of Turkana and Marsabit from malaria and other vector borne diseases on the 1st November 2017. Between 1st November – 18th January 2018, we achieved the following.


  • Trained 109 health workers on:
    • Case management of malaria
    • Case management of dengue
    • Differential diagnosis of febrile disease
  • Provided follow-up coaching, supervision and commodity support to the 52 health facilities that these health staff work in
  • Protected 274,216 people from malaria and leishmaniasis through:
    • Indoor residual spraying of 23,887 homes
    • Distribution of 68,523 LLINs
  • Recruited 1,245 local workers to carry out these prevention activities including 316 community health educators
  • 134,587 individuals directly educated on the risks of malaria, our prevention activities and treatment available from trained health workers, through door to door visits and community gatherings by trained community health educators
  • 31,775 education materials (flyers and posters) distributed to the local communities on how malaria is transmitted, prevented and treated by community health educators
  • Conducted larviciding campaigns in 200 identified breeding sites to complement Aedes control.