Our Vision

Our Vision

The MENTOR Initiative saves lives in emergencies through tropical disease control and then stays to help people recover from crisis with dignity. MENTOR works side by side with communities, health workers and health authorities to leave a lasting impact.

Our Mission

The MENTOR Initiative is a discrete, agile organisation working with the world’s most vulnerable and hard to reach communities to reduce death and suffering from tropical diseases.

Our first and last considerations are the needs of the people we serve. Working in insecure and high risk environments we establish large scale disease control during humanitarian emergencies. At the same time, we develop the capacity for the long-term sustainable control of these diseases.

We collaborate closely with communities, health workers, health authorities and other international organisations to establish effective surveillance, preventative and curative services and learning for
the future.

The strength of our partnerships bring together knowledge, power and resources for the greatest impact.

Our investment in targeted operational research brings evidence-based and proven disease control solutions to all our programmes. We use this learning to innovate, reduce costs and influence international policy and practice.

We will always uphold the highest professional values, standards, quality and accountability and our teams are committed to stay until the job is done.